Empowering Voices, Breaking Silence: Our Mission is to Support and Empower Those Affected by Domestic Abuse.

Sip into a world where each cup tells a story.

Crafted Elegance

We believe in the power of crafting moments and weaving joy into every sip. Our coffee and tea collection is a testament to the artistry of flavor, where each blend is carefully curated to bring a unique experience to your cup. From the robust intensity of our Italian Roast coffee to the fragrant harmony of Jasmine Harmony Green Tea, our collection is designed to elevate your rituals and celebrate the joy found in every pour. Crafted with passion, stitched with care.

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Express yourself in every stitch and detail

Elegance Unveiled

Dive into a world where fashion meets purpose. Our Apparel & Accessories at Scribbles & Stitches are more than just pieces; they are statements of empowerment. From intricately crafted accessories to stylish apparel, each item is a celebration of uniqueness and creativity. Join us in adorning yourself with elegance and purpose.

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Uncover the art of sipping with purpose

Elegance Redefined

A fusion of style and purpose that redefines your sipping rituals. From meticulously designed mugs to chic tumblers, each piece is a reflection of our commitment to crafting elegance. Elevate your sipping experience with our signature drinkware. Sip and style – a perfect blend of craftsmanship and sophistication.

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