Collection: A Bitch 'N' Company

Discover the Fusion of Art and Functionality with

A Bitch 'N' Company

Embark on a sensory journey with "A Bitch 'N' Company," a female owned company where the essence of nature intertwines with the rebirth of discarded items into meticulously handcrafted functional art. "A Bitch 'N' Company" is a unique expression of creativity, blending quality craftsmanship with a touch of elegance. 

Rooted in the Elements: Every creation from "A Bitch 'N' Company" is a testament to the natural beauty found in nature's elements. Locally sourced ingredients are the foundation of "A Bitch 'N' Company's" products. Explore the artistry of handcrafted products which transcend forgotten materials into pieces of functional beauty, creating a harmonious blend of nature and creativity.

Sustainable Ingenuity: These creations not only elevate your space but also contribute to a greener, more mindful lifestyle, fostering a renewed appreciation for the potential within every discarded item.

Ignite your space with the fusion of art and functionality from "A Bitch 'N' Company." Witness the rebirth of discarded items into works of functional beauty, where each creation tells a unique story of nature, creativity, and sustainability.

Limted Quantities, Scents change with the season. 

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