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Scribbles & Stitches

Scribbles & Stitches Signature Blend: Original Roast Single-Serve Coffee 60 Pack

Scribbles & Stitches Signature Blend: Original Roast Single-Serve Coffee 60 Pack

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Elevate your coffee experience with Scribbles & Stitches Original Roast, a premium blend in a convenient single-serve format. Our signature blend of premium gourmet coffees comes together to create a rich, delicious cup that caters to the true coffee aficionado.

Key Features:

Premium Gourmet Blend: The Original Roast is a carefully curated blend of the finest gourmet coffees, ensuring a cup that is rich in flavor and aroma, setting a new standard for your coffee ritual.

Sealed Freshness: Each coffee capsule is sealed without any oxygen, preserving the freshness and robust taste of the coffee until the moment it touches your lips.

Innovative Filter Design: Experience a lively cup without compromising on brew time. Our improved filter design prevents coffee from shooting through the middle, allowing for optimal extraction and absorbing more grounds for a full-bodied, satisfying flavor.

Why Choose: Scribbles & Stitches Original Roast Single Serve Coffee is the epitome of convenience without compromising on quality. Whether you're savoring a moment of tranquility or fueling a busy day, this blend ensures a consistently delightful coffee experience. By choosing Original Roast, you're not just enjoying a premium cup; you're supporting a cause that brings joy and empowerment to those affected by domestic abuse. Every sip tells a story of resilience and solidarity.

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