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Scribbles & Stitches

English Breakfast - Simplicity in Every Sip

English Breakfast - Simplicity in Every Sip

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Indulge in the simplicity of a perfect morning with Scribbles & Stitches English Breakfast Tea - Breakfast Tea as it should be. Not too complicated, yet strong enough to stand up to milk and sugar, this rustic, sweet cup brings good news to your senses all day long.

Key Features:

Straightforward Elegance: Our English Breakfast Tea is a harmonious blend of African and Indian teas, carefully selected to offer a straightforward elegance that defines the essence of a true breakfast tea.

Bold Enough for Milk and Sugar: Robust and invigorating, this blend is crafted to hold its own against the additions of milk and sugar, creating a comforting cup that suits your individual taste preferences.

Rustic Sweetness: Experience a cup that embodies rustic sweetness, a delightful balance that makes every sip a moment of joy and tranquility.

Why Choose: Scribbles & Stitches English Breakfast is more than just a tea; it's a comforting companion that starts your day on a positive note and accompanies you through your daily adventures. With its blend of African and Indian teas, it carries the legacy of two rich tea cultures, offering you a sip of heritage and warmth. Choose simplicity, choose elegance, choose Scribbles & Stitches English Breakfast for a tea experience that is both classic and comforting.

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