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Scribbles & Stitches

Mango Treat - A Tropical Escape in Every Sip

Mango Treat - A Tropical Escape in Every Sip

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Savor the taste of sunshine with Scribbles & Stitches Mango Treat - where sweetness meets smoothness, creating a summery delight that's equally wonderful as a hot tea or an incredible iced refreshment.

Key Features:

Tropical Harmony: Immerse yourself in a tropical escape with our Mango Treat, a sweet and smooth blend that captures the essence of summer in every cup.

Versatile Enjoyment: This tea is a true chameleon, delightful whether enjoyed hot or iced. The hint of mango adds a layer of sweetness to the already fruity tea, providing a refreshing twist to your tea experience.

Mango Infusion: Experience the perfect marriage of tea and mango, where the subtle hint of this exotic fruit enhances the overall fruity profile, making it a treat for your taste buds.

Why Choose: Indulge in the delightful duality of Scribbles & Stitches Mango Treat. Whether you crave the comforting warmth of a hot cup or the invigorating coolness of iced tea, this blend is your passport to a taste journey that transcends seasons. Bring the essence of summer to your teacup and relish the versatility of Mango Treat, knowing that every sip supports the empowering mission of Scribbles & Stitches.

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