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Scribbles & Stitches

Peru Organic - Andean Elegance in Every Sip

Peru Organic - Andean Elegance in Every Sip

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Embark on a journey to the majestic Andes with Scribbles & Stitches Peru - a medium roast that boasts FT (Fair Trade) and Organic certifications. This exceptional blend reveals a tasting profile of salted caramel, silky sweetness, and citrus, a testament to the dedication of the Cooperativa Agricola de Servicis Norandino.

Key Features:

Fair Trade & Organic Excellence: Scribbles & Stitches Peru is a blend of ethical and organic practices, carrying the certifications of FT and Organic. Each bean is a commitment to supporting fair wages and environmental sustainability.

Medium Roast Elegance: The medium roast unveils the exquisite tasting profile, offering a perfect balance of salted caramel, silky sweetness, and a hint of citrus for a delightful and harmonious cup.

Andean Heritage: Sourced from the regions of Piura and Amazonas, Peru, this blend showcases a diverse array of coffee varieties including Caturra, Bourpon, Catuai, Pache, and Catimor, flourishing at altitudes of 1100-1700 M in clay minerals-enriched soil.

Craftsmanship in Every Bean: Gully washed and sun-dried, our coffee undergoes a meticulous process that enhances the nuanced flavors, creating a coffee experience that is both elegant and deeply satisfying.

Why Choose:

Scribbles & Stitches Peru represents more than just a cup of coffee; it's an invitation to experience the Andean elegance and a commitment to ethical and sustainable coffee cultivation. With each sip, you support Fair Trade practices, organic farming, and the vibrant community of Cooperativa Agricola de Servicis Norandino. Choose Peru for a coffee journey that combines exceptional taste, ethical values, and the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes.

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